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Mettoy ( the name derived from Metal Toys )  was established in 1934 by Philip Ullmann and  Arthur Katz in Northampton.The original Mettoy  models were produced in tinplate and were  fitted with a clockwork mechanism. In 1956,  Mettoy launched their own range of small,  detailed diecast models to rival the popular  Dinky toys - and thus the Corgi brand was born.  With this range Corgi goes back to its roots of  tinplate models. We invite you to take a trip  down memory lane with us, with a series of  releases focusing on the most iconic London  vehicles - the Routemaster bus. Each model  features wind-up mechanisms and working  features. If you are a tourist, sightseer,  nostalgic toy lover or fan of all things London  then this is for you! 
Price: Reduced to R500-00 50 Years of Corgi
Corgi-Models brought to you by Tommy’s Toys